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Posted by hans 12/07/2019 3 Comment(s)

How to get rid of silver fish?


SilverfishLepisma saccharina or silverfish, you probably know them. Small, silver-colored creatures that quickly move away from your feet and quickly disappear under skirting boards, other corners, or holes. What are they and how do you get rid of them?


A silver fish is not a fish, but an insect. It has no wings, but it has the 6 legs that you can expect from an insect. They measure up to 2.5 cm long and have many feelers, small scales like skin and are very flat. There are males and females, the female quickly lays a few hundred eggs, so if you have them, you do not get rid of them.


In fact, they are harmless and like to be in warmer, more humid spaces. They are usually not very active during the day, but at night they go out in search of food.


 The little brother or little sister of the silver fish is the paper fish or: Ctenolepisma longicaudata. In fact, it looks identical, but likes some drier places. The paper fish is a little grayer. As you might expect, you'll find silver fish earlier in the bathroom and paperfish in the attic.


But how do you get rid of it? If you want to tackle this problem in a natural way, then:


From aromatherapy, there are a number of essential oils that can help you get rid of these fish. In reality, they all have the same effect: overloading the taste and taste sensors of insects so that they can not find food anymore. You drop the essential oil on rags and place it where they are.



For this you can use different essential oils, they do not necessarily have to be certified organic, but lavender is the most used for this purpose.

Lavender Tisserand oil harvested ethically is excellent for this, and your home will also smell pleasant.


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3 Comment(s)

06/08/2019, 11:43:27 AM

Ik heb het geprobeerd en dit werkte bij ons erg goed. En de olie ruikt ook heel lekker! Heel blij mee

11/08/2019, 01:55:44 PM

Goedemiddag. Wij hebben last van beide denk ik. Helaas zitten ze steeds in Mn bed. Jak. Wij hebben 3 katten en wil weten of dit veilig os voor katten Gr Monique

My Green Universe:
29/08/2019, 05:57:08 PM

Hallo Monique, Katten zijn erg gevoelig voor etherische olie, dus voorzichtigheid is belangrijk. De etherische olie van tea tree en citrus achtigen is zeker niet aan te raden. Een kat heeft een zeer gevoelige reukzin. Juist voor katten is het belangrijk ze de mogelijkheid te geven om de kamer te verlaten waar je etherische olie gebruikt. Dus laat ze nooit in een afgesloten ruimte als je daar bijvoorbeeld de olie verneveld met bv een diffuser. Lavendel olie is wat minder uitdagend voor katten, maar gebruik deze dus niet in de kamer waar de katten zitten. Dus zolang je de olie gebruikt, geen katten in de slaapkamer ;)

25/12/2019, 08:33:51 PM

Werkt goed!

My Green Universe:
28/02/2020, 02:15:40 PM

Dank je wel Mamahihi!

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