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oak processionary caterpillars

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The Oak processionary caterpillar

The time of the year. They are back again, The oak processionary caterpillar. A true scourge for many regions in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The Thaumetopoea processionea is a moth of which the caterpillars mainly feed on delicious oak leaves. The caterpillars go in succession in a chain in search of food and the procession therefore looks like a processional procession. In the night a whole column of caterpillars goes in search of food and eats oak trees. Oak processionary caterpillar

The caterpillar has dangerous stinging hairs that can be quite irritating when in contact with the skin. Not only with people but also with dogs, for example. What can we do about it?

Of course we can fight the oak processionary caterpillar, literally attack, but since we have to assume that this pest will come back every year. The population has been growing since the beginning of the 20th century and the end is not yet in sight.

Then what? In any case, we can reduce and alleviate the complaints we experience as human beings from these stinging hairs.

There are a number of natural and organic products that can help with this:

Aromatherapy: Add 10 drops of pure lavender oil to 10 ml of  base oil (for example, organic jojoba oil or pure grapeseed oil). Mix well and gently apply to irritated skin (after removal of the caterpillar hairs). If the caterpillar has disappeared you still have a wonderful and versatile lavender oil t. 

The Barefoot SOS Body Lotion with a.o. Stellaria media (chickweed) will soothe itchy skin. Once the caterpillar has disappeared, you still have nourishing body lotion for dry/sensitive skin, also wonderful after sun.

La Saponaria Aloe Vera Gel 99%, will soothe red and itchy skin. Once the itch has disappeared, use 

Aloe Vera Gelthis great Aloe Vera as a nourishing gel for example for dry skin, or after shaving (men and women) or as a food for dry hair!

And rest assured, the caterpillar will eventually go away again this year!

Always consult your doctor in case of serious skin / airway problems!

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